Unguided Fishing

Remoteness…Solace…Isolation…Off-the-beaten path…Unmolested fish—all things serious anglers and adventurers desire from their SW Alaska experience.

That’s Renfro’s Alaskan Adventures specialty. We have flown this landscape for over 20 years and have found some of the most remote pockets of streams and creeks loaded with trout, pike, Dollies, and all five Pacific salmonoids. The key is to get away from the crowded river corridors where fish stay on-the-take!

Don’t waste valuable vacation time and money floating the more popular stretches of the Kuskokwim and Bristol Bay drainages where fish are sore lipped and wary of combat fishermen. If you want the “experience” of seeing remote terrain and angling virgin watersheds, let us get you there.

We offer traditional river raft style trips and hardcore pack raft adventures.

Our unguided adventures include the following services:

  • Airport pickup and drop off service
  • Transportation to and from the B&B
  • Air Cargo drop off and pickup services.
  • Transportation to and from our hangers, river, etc…
  • Bush Transportation to and from your river destination.

We offer raft rentals for people who don’t want to bring their own gear. The six different raft styles range from 9’ pack rafts to 18’ self-bailing rafts. We tailor the raft(s) to your group and the river you will be floating.

*Camp Gear rental is also available upon request.

We operate with 7 unique aircraft, from commuter planes running village to village to Bush planes on wheels and floats, so regardless of your destination and logistical requirements, we handle it all to offer a seamless experience.

The following prices are for the 2017 season. Prices are per person based on a minimum of 2 people, and most of these main stem drainages have more secluded ridge line, lake-to-stream, or gravel bar landing options to float smaller, less travelled tributaries:

  • Aniak River: (4 different starting point options)………….$1,375/person
  • Arolik River: (3 different starting point options)………….$1,275/person
  • Eek River: (2 different starting point options)…………….$985/person
  • Goodnews River: (4 different starting point options)…….$1,475/person
  • Kanektok River: (3 different starting point options)…… ..$1,275/person
  • Kisaralik River: (5 different starting point options)……….$1,000/person
  • Kwethluk River: (3 different starting point options)………$1,000/person
  • No fuel surcharges on trips

We offer roughly 25 awesomely remote packraft adventures, too, and we will customize the ultimate adventure for your group. Prices vary slightly for some trips due to all the extra flying necessary to access these hard to reach places, but we have the lowest fares available out of Bethel.

Contact us early for a firm quote, and start planning your SW Alaska fishing adventure today. The best fishing starts in Late June and runs through August. Tell us which species your focus will be and allow us to offer the best window of opportunity so your experience is maximized to its fullest potential.