Unguided Moose

Un-Guided Trophy Moose Hunt

Renfro’s Alaskan Adventures only offers a few unguided moose hunts each year.   We are not a high volume operator and we charge an above average price for these hunts.  However, for the hunters we take out on these trips we try to make sure they have the best possible experience they can have.  We usually run about 75% success on mature bulls.  We fly floats and tundra tires depending on the style hunt we feel is best suited for your group.  In an effort to help you be successful, we customize every trip to the ability and hunting styles of our clients.

Here are a few things we recommend that can help insure the success of your hunt:

  • Come between September 10 – October 1 (the animals are more responsive to calling).
  • Allow yourselves at least 10 full hunting days.
  • Learn to call before you come (we can recommend a few videos); it will typically pay big dividends in the end.

These hunts are not for everyone. They can be physically demanding at times, so we recommend the hunters be in good condition when they arrive. However, if you’re the type of hunter this appeals to, the area houses some exceptional bulls. Also, if you are interested in a black bear, these areas have high densities and there is a good chance you may be able to shoot one.